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My background prior to kinesiology was (and still is) in alternative education with ‘at risk’ young people, also working in education remotely in Western Australia with Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders, as well as in homelessness in community services. It was during a stint in Geraldton in 2015 that I tried kinesiology to assist allergic reactions (eventually pinpointed to a combination of stressful environment and toxicity overload). Although I had no clue how it worked and it was pretty weird, it resonated and it worked! Plagued with random hives and swelling lips, unable to be pinpointed to one specific thing since 2011, after approximately 6-8 sessions in 2015 targeting adrenal stress and supporting the immune system, it didn’t happen again until 2022 (for a day), during a bout of covid when I was quite sick, which was pretty good mileage!

Fascinated and with a yearning to know more about how this modality worked, I began studying kinesiology in 2016. I have a passion for supporting people of all ages with all ailments and issues from anxiety to physical pain to alleviate stress so the body can repair and heal itself. A relatively recent passion for fitness has focused a new desire to support people with performance, recovery from training and optimisation so they can move freely in their body and achieve their dreams! With a passion (or obsession) for continual learning, I am always upskilling and learning more from inspirational practitioners who are experts in their fields across the mental, emotional and physical.

Following the work of Dr Gabor Mate’, “When The Body Says No – The hidden Cost Of Stress”, highlights that scientific research is catching up with ancient Eastern philosophy and reaffirms daily that the glorification of the ‘busy’ western lifestyle comes at a perishing cost.

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