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Frequently asked questions

The best way to understand kinesiology is to experience it! Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic and alternative energetic healing modality. Muscle testing is a technique we use that allows us to challenge the energetic integrity of the communication between the mind, body and spirit. This creates the bio feedback system which allows your body to do the talking and is the bridge between the physical and energetic bodies. This biofeedback system is what provides the personalised treatment in each session. By identifying where the imbalances are in the body’s energy systems and applying corrections, we can restore flow and release stress. You gain awareness and connections between underlying emotions, stress, thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms involved in the issue, even the stress that is subconscious and you are not aware of. Once balanced energetic flow is restored, the body is better supported to use it’s own healing ability. Kinesiology as we know it today has it’s origins in the study of the movement of the body and the work of chiropractor Dr George Goodheart, who in the 1960s discovered certain muscles tested weak when there were certain health conditions present. Encompassing the work of Goodheart, his predecessors and the advancements made since, we have a blend of western physiology with ancient eastern wisdom and comprehensive quantum techniques.
Because kinesiology looks past the symptoms to the root cause, it can help with many things, too many to list all of them here. To name a few: Anxiety, allergy, autoimmune, cardiovascular, concentration, learning, fears/phobias, sports injury recovery, sport performance, detox, digestive, fatigue, hormones, stress, trauma, pain, relationships, goal setting, immune support, structural imbalance, changing habits and confidence. Contact us to see if we can help with your issue or book to dive right in.

Anybody can have a kinesiology session. Adults, children, babies, even your
animal family members! Because the sessions are delivered remotely via zoom, there are no difficulties with age, health, minor injuries or mobility.
If your session was to be in person, then illness, injury, mobility and some pets
would be a contraindication.
Children require written consent and an accompanying adult.

A session will take around one hour to a maximum of one hour and fifteen minutes.
After booking your session you will receive a zoom link to connect with your practitioner at the booked time. You will start by discussing what it is that you want to focus on for the session and you may be asked questions that arise, relevant to the issue. As your kinesiologist works, they may ask you to hold certain energetic points on your body, repeat words or affirmations. Your practitioner will guide you through the session and ask that you keep them informed of how you feel and what you notice during the session.

You might ‘feel’ the emotions that come up or notice the warmth or coldness of
the energy moving. You might not feel any of those things. Every session and
every person is different but informing your practitioner of what you notice will
contribute to the session.

To have an online session you will need access to a computer, laptop, iPad or
mobile phone, Zoom installed on your device and a quiet spot that’s free of
distractions. The kinesiologist will access your energy system by surrogate
muscle testing on your behalf. No need to travel and you can receive your
session in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, absolutely online sessions will give you the same results as in person sessions. The balance session is done in much the same way as an in-person session, just with the practitioner using surrogate muscle testing. We are energetic beings that give off measurable energy from the cellular level to our aura and kinesiology works with these energetic systems. We are all connected through the energetic vibration of consciousness and with permission, this is how we are able to tap in to your energetic circuits to clear and rebalance the energy flow. Nothing beats receiving your balance session in the comfort of your own home!

The number of sessions required varies with each client and each issue, depending on the type of issue, how long you have had it and how fully you engage in the treatment. Most notice positive changes after every session.

To get long lasting results you may need more than one session.

Often people need 3 to 6 sessions to see significant change, sometimes more is needed and others see results after 1 session.

You do not have to rebook with the same practitioner, however, once you have started clearing an issue, it may be beneficial to see those sessions through with that practitioner. If you book the 3 or 6 session package you will have the same kinesiologist for all sessions within the package.

Your details and sessions are completely confidential with all our practitioners. The Zoom platform is encrypted for privacy. To maintain your privacy when you are having your balance sessions, it would be best to find a quiet room where you can close the door.

Please our Privacy Policies here

Qantum Kinesiology is in Australian Western Standard Time.

We may be able to connect with you if you are in another time zone.

$365 for a 60 minute session

Packages:- (for longer standing or more complex issues)

3 x 60 min sessions @ $999 (saving $96)

6 x 60 min sessions @ $1 999 (saving $191)

Payment plans available through PayPal pay in 4 option and Stripe buy now, pay later option. (eligibility according to PayPal and Stripe's application processes)

If you have an amazing balance session and want to let us know, or you have feedback to help us improve, please feel free to use our Customer Feedback Form below.