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Katie B

I am a passionate kinesiologist who loves working with others to create self awareness and empowerment in their lives.
Kinesiology came to me on a personal level and I loved the results it had for me, so when I had the opportunity to study the modality, I jumped at it.
Kinesiology has been the best self development tool I’ve experienced and I have also seen wonderful results for others.
I would love to help others in the area of motherhood. Becoming a mother myself was a wonderful gift and one I’m forever grateful for but I struggled. Especially for that first year.
So much wounding was showing around worth and being enough. Wounding around the mother and father, and then needing to learn how to mother and father myself so my inner child felt safe and held, so I could then do that for my own child.
Becoming a parent is a whole different world, one you can never prepare for. I had a wonderful kinesiologist help me through this time and I now wish to serve in the same way.

Qantum Kinesiology Team