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Carmen Jane

I have been working as a kinesiologist for 3 years now.
My passion is helping people to work with their mindsets to create change. This can be applied to all aspects of life from health, business, sports & personal goals.
I love going back to where all the information first began, so most of my work revolves around the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is so much more than just about gaining riches. Through my own personal experience of life to date, I find most mindset work is based on the concepts from this book and are just reframed so we can relate to them in the current time.
I like to go back to the beginning in case any valuable tips have been missed in translation. We can never learn enough or hear information from a new perspective too often but we do need to focus on actioning our learning.
The most amazing aspect of kinesiology is that as you work with your Kinesiologist you are in fact creating a space to activate the mastermind connection. This state of being aligns you to your higher wisdom and assists you to focus on your desire and create the change. 
Changing one’s mindset is a work in progress. We are learning to let go of past conditioning and survival programming to reinstate a new way of being. As you go along the journey and focus on your intention, you will realise areas where you get stuck. It’s ok to have a cry and feel like you want to give up, many of us have. It’s then time to shine the light and realise you have just hit a block. Blockages can be transformed and so can be an exciting indication that it’s time for a kinesiology session:-). You can move past them.
I am very passionate about Tesla’s 3-6-9 energy and the solfeggio frequencies. Focusing on this energy as well as other incredible energy techniques I look forward to working with you to help you remember how to be and think in the quantum space. We were all born knowing how to do this. Creating and actioning your desires can be a really fun and exciting place to be. Growing through the blockages on the way is very rewarding. Kinesiology can help you enjoy the journey.

Qantum Kinesiology Team